House rules & safety

You’ve arrived at Prospect Cottage and need information about the property and the facilities we provide. Here’s all the info.

House Rules

Our house is in a residential community populated by families and working professionals. We pride ourselves on being good neighbours, and ask that you treat the home and our neighbours as you would your own.

We have strict policies regarding noise, smoking, occupancy limits, property damage, and cleanliness.

By following these guidelines, you will ensure that the cottage stays in great condition for those who follow and that we uphold our values and our promise to our neighbours.

We strictly enforce the following rules:

  • No smoking in the cottage, including vape.* Failure to comply will result in a minimum $2000 fine. Guests may also be liable for the loss income from any future bookings affected by their actions.
  • No parties
  • No pets on furniture. If you have brought your furry friend with you, we ask you leave them outside (with plenty of water!) when you leave the house.
  • No noise that can be heard from outside.
  • No use of the outdoor space after 11 p.m.
  • No drug use, including marijuana
  • No alcohol consumption by guests under 18.
  • No fireworks/hazardous materials.
  • No outdoor fires except in the fire pit. Note that the fire pit is not available during peak fire season.

*A note about smoking: If you choose to smoke outside, please pick up your cigarette butts and put them in the bin after they are cold.

We ask that you respect our neighbours and not smoke near any residences.

Furthermore, do not dispose of cigarette butts outside (including in the fire pit, on the street, footpath or grassy medians).

Your safety

Prospect Cottage is located in a very safe neighbourhood, but Ballarat is still a city. Please use common sense and good judgment.

Important reminders:

  • Remove valuables from your car
  • Lock car doors
  • When you are not in the house, please be sure to lock all doors and windows.

In case of emergency: Dial 0-0-0

What to do in an emergency

For emergency services (ambulance, police, fire) please immediately call 000. Do not delay if you feel an emergency situation has arisen.

State your location as 321 Main Road Golden Point 3350

In case of a fire:

  • Exit the property as quickly as possible
  • Ensure that all persons are accounted for
  • Dial 000 and ask for ‘FIRE’
  • State your location as 321 Main Road Golden Point 3350
  • Do not attempt to re-enter the building until a Fire Officer states that it is safe to do so.

Booking Terms and Conditions

Please see the full terms and conditions at Discover Daylesford.

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